By Mike Bebernes
July 06, 2013



I think you're giving yourself a bit too much credit to say you were working for the weekend. (All times Eastern)


Tennis Wimbledon: Ladies final, 9:00a.m. Saturday; Gentlemen's final, 9:00a.m Sunday (ESPN & ESPN3)

Picture a island bar somewhere in the Mediterranean. Roger Federer, looking tan and rested, sips a mojito. Over his shoulder, Maria Sharapova lounges in the sun. Rafael Nadal wanders up, sees some tennis on the TV above the bar, shakes his head and says, "Poor Andy," before walking away to return to his week-long resort vacation.


MLB Boston Red Sox vs. L.A. Angels, 8:00p.m. Sunday (ESPN)

Do you think the cheers for Yasiel Puig at Dodger Stadium are loud enough for last year's take-the-town-(and-league)-by-storm newcomer Mike Trout to hear all the way down the 5 freeway?

Soccer Messi and Friends vs. the World 2013, 7:00p.m. (ESPN)

The world's best soccer player gathers some buddies for a charity friendly in Chicago. Hopefully it doesn't get cancelled right before kick-off—this roster is a soccer version of Space Jam waiting to happen.

Soccer FIFA Under 21 World Cup, coverage begins 10:47a.m. Saturday and Sunday (ESPNU & ESPN3)

We all love an underdog, so now that the US is out we should all pull for Uzbekistan. America doesn't have a great recent track record with the 'Stans—anything we can do to smooth over relations will help.

Mixed Martial Arts UFC 162: Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman, 10:00p.m. (Pay Per View)

Either these two guys really hate each other, or they use the same make-out technique that I did when I was 14. Or both.


Karate 2013 U.S. Open - ISKA World Championships, 8:00p.m. (ESPN3)

I imagine you'd get a lot of dirty looks if you wandered around this event screaming "Get him a body bag!"

Olympic Sports World University Games: United States vs. Estonia, 4:00p.m. (ESPN3)

It's the Olympics for college-aged athletes. This year's event in Russia has an adorable winged leopard as its mascot and an emblem that resembles a multicolored sperm that has just been given bad news.


Cycling Tour De France: Stage 8, 8:00a.m. Saturday (NBC). Stage 9, 6:30a.m. Sunday (NBC Sports Network)

Though light on actual big stories, this tour has been overwhelming in its supply of bizarre viral fodder. So much so that I missed this bus crash from the first day of the race.

Indy Car F1 German Grand Prix, 7:00a.m. (CNBC & NBC Sports Live Extra)

This race was nearly cancelled when racers threatened to boycott over supposedly unsafe tires they're all required to use. Here's hoping no one has a chance to say, "I told you so."

Classic Sports New York Cosmos vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies, 7:00p.m. (One World Sports)

Imagine a world in which aging foreign soccer stars joined an American league in an attempt to both boost the sport's appeal in the U.S. and earn one last paycheck. This classic broadcast gives a glimpse of a slightly-past-his-prime Pele during his two-year stint in NYC.

Deep Bench

Ultimate Frisbee 2013 U.S. Open Ultimate Championships, coverage starts at 11:00a.m Sunday (ESPN3)

The sport may have a (somewhat deserved) reputation as a haven for hippies, but there is a pretty serious level of skill and athleticism beyond that haze of funny-smelling fog.


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