By Jimmy Traina
July 18, 2013

Go, Titans!

Chris Johnson :: Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images Chris Johnson :: Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

Obviously, you should root for your favorite team to win the Super Bowl. After your favorite team, though, you need to root for the Titans to win the Super Bowl this season. Here's why.

Watt A Beast

Everyone knows Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is quite the physical specimen, but you'll still be impressed with this jump.

Important Follow Up

First things first: Do you really need EIGHT security guards to take down one 18-year-old who runs on the field during a baseball game? Anyway, we told you about the funny text exchange between the 18-year-old who disrupted the All-Star Game and his mom. Today, we have this solid quote from his dad: "I gave him $20 to get some food. Ten minutes later, I saw him running across the field. Then I said to my brother, 'That’s Dylan.' Then I thought, 'My wife is going to kill me.'"

Lovely Ladies Of The ESPYs

Here is our annual look at the ladies who were at the ESPY awards. Former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller stole the show, so she gets the first three pictures of the gallery.

Don't We All

Mets phenom Matt Harvey recently said in an interview that he wants to be like Derek Jeter when it comes to his dating life. This prompted the New York Daily News to look back at Jeter's off-field career and take a fun trip down memory lane. As one of my Twitter followers pointed out, though, Harvey might be wise to not give so much information to the media.

Smart Move

Orioles slugger Chris Davis has come out of nowhere to hit 37 home runs this season. Naturally, this has caused some people to ask Davis if he is getting some help. Davis, of course, doesn't want to deal with those questions, so he shut down his Twitter account.

The most notable bit of Jon Hamm's monologue at last night's ESPYs was this roasting of Dwight Howard.

Celebration Video Of The Day

An NFL player HAS TO do this after a touchdown this season.

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