By Brett Smiley
July 18, 2013


Last night's installment of the ESPYs consisted of the same elbow-rubbing, back-patting, money-burning formula the Worldwide Leader concocted 20 years ago, but it wasn't an entirely vacuous display of inessential awards and mediocre comedy bits. ESPN prepared a moving tribute to Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award winner Robin Roberts -- who in 2008 battled breast cancer, and more recently blood cancer -- and Jon Hamm wrecked Dwight Howard in his monologue.

But one segment stands above them all, and it was the Key & Peele-led "The Great Start Program" sketch, about a quasi-Boys & Girls club that teaches children how to manage the myriad pitfalls (procuring clean urine, carrying weed, making rap albums) of being a professional athlete:

Since that no doubt put you in a mood to watch more sportsy videos featuring kids, here are five other worthwhile ones—starting with the modern standard-bearer.

Peyton Manning annihilates children on SNL

Hyundai's Super Bowl ad featuring a pick-up football team comprised of tween mercenaries

"Big Buddy" (This is SportsCenter)

The Play 60 spot with Cam Newton, starring some kid who needs to be on TV in some way every day

Father teaches his kid how to throw a baseball—with a Shyamalan twist

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