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Welcome To Ducks Hotel

Oregon Ducks Facilities :: John W. McDonough/SI

Oregon Ducks Facilities :: SI

I'm Chris Sesno, filling in for Jimmy Traina today while he poses for an A-Rod inspired, half-horse, half-Traina, minotaur painting to hang above his bed.

As you can see above, the University of Oregon's athletic facilities recently got a major, major upgrade. The sleek new building will undoubtedly help with recruiting, but some of this is just over the top. Take a video tour here, and check out our photo gallery.

Some of my favorite highlights: A fancy barbershop (bottom left); a locker room in which the pads pop out of the lockers (top left); a hydrotherapy tub in the coaches' locker room (bottom right); and a head coach's office that features two drop-down TVs and floor-to-ceiling windows that can be darkened for film review with the touch of a button (top right).

Role Reversal

Here's something you don't see every day: Pirates catcher Russell Martinhad to restrain home plate umpEric Cooper from charging the mound after pitcher A.J. Burnett was displeased with a call. (Also, from that game, note the guy in the first row trash-talking Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday.)

A Mouth-Watering Heart Attack

With Redskins training camp happening in Richmond, many local restaurants are establishing player-themed menu items. The D.C. Sports Bog'sSarah Kogod breaks down the RGIII burger, which "consists of three patties made with a blend of wagyu beef and bacon fat, three cheeses (goat cheese, gorgonzola and gouda), three condiments (whole-grain mustard, sriracha mayo and roasted garlic spread), lettuce, tomato and bacon on an onion roll." There are also Redskins-themed drink orders.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Genevieve Curran ::

Genevieve Curran ::

From what I can tell, Genevieve Curran has never been featured in Hot Clicks.I'd like to correct that.

More From NFL Training Camps

In this morning's edition of Hot Clicks, we had a beer-ded fan at Bengals camp (I swear that's the last beer/beard joke I'll ever make). Busted Coverage points out that the guy is a "beard professional" and also has a roundup of bizarre sightings at NFL training camps.

Get Your Sharkinis Today

All the ladies of Hot Clicks nation need to get on this Sharknado inspired fashion trend ASAP.

Music Video Of The Day

The MLS All-Stars put together a rap video in the spirit of the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Fans Crying Video Of The Day

Remember that Redskins fan who cried when she didn't get Robert Griffin III's autograph at Redskins training camp? Some Cowboys fans had fun with it.