South African Wrestler Sneaks Into Ring, Tags Randy Orton in Groin During WWE Event

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In professional wrestling, it's often difficult to discern what's real and what's part of the script. The intruder who entered the ring Monday night during a WWE event in Cape Town, South Africa, and punched wrestler Randy Orton in the groin? Verifiably not part of the script.

The genital assault occurred while Orton was standing on the ropes, finishing up his hype-up / introduction. Tshepo Sekhabi, a South African wrestler who goes by the nom de guerre "Jozi, the Wrestling Machine," snuck into the ring behind the unsuspecting Orton and delivered an uppercut to the WWE veteran's crotch. It only took a few seconds before security restrained Sekhabi, but Orton still managed to deliver a kick to his head before he was removed from the arena.

Sekhabi was reportedly trying to get the attention of WWE, though assaulting one of the faces of the circuit wasn't the most prudent way of doing so. In addition to receiving a five-year ban from the arena, Sekhabi has a black eye to show for his antics, and Orton is considering pressing formal charges. All of which is a shame, because an intercontinental rivalry between Orton and Jozi could have been gripping.