Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks

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Style Watch

I'm Chris Sesno, filling in on Hot Clicks while Jimmy finishes catching up on America's Next Top Model in time for tonight's Season 10 premiere.

As you can see above, the New Orleans Pelicans unveiled their new uniforms today. The consensus is they're pretty boring, but they're not NEARLY as bad as these absurd teddy bear shoes Ryan Lochte posted on Instagram.

It Tastes Like Chicken

Orioles outfielder Adam Jones had this ridiculous cake for his 28th birthday. If crazy cakes are your thing, here's a gallery of more great cakes in sports.

Riley Cooper Fallout

I've been holding off on posting anything about Riley Cooper's unbelievably offensive comment. He apologized and said the Eagles gave him a significant fine -- which in my opinion is not even close to a worthy punishment -- and teammate LeSean McCoy said he couldn't "respect a guy like that. And with that I'd now like to turn it over to the Taiwanese animators. (Warning: Video contains some offensive language.)

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Model Leticia Farr is today's LLOD.

Sharknado Strikes Again

Yesterday we saw some Sharknado inspired fashion. Today we have this photo (that is a million times better) of a man trying to knife his way out of the inside of a shark. (Thanks to Emily N. of New York for the link.)

Food And Drink Video Of The Day

This Big Red's BBQ Bottle can't be real. But if it is, I'd like to try one.

Music Video Of The Day

Meanwhile, this is a BBQ video I can get behind. Here's former NFL defensive tackle Anthony Adams spoofing Tyga's Rack City.