Clown move, bro: Braves, Nats trade Twitter barbs over Bryce Harper

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Bryce Harper hit a solo homer in the third inning. MCT/Getty Images

Bryce Harper hit a solo homer in the third inning. MCT/Getty Images

The best kind of Twitter brawls are the Twitter brawls that successfully utilize Bryce Harper quotes. Even when said Bryce Harper quotes are slightly overused and old news at this point.

Here's what happened:

Harper hit a home run off of Atlanta's Julio Teheran in the third inning. On the first pitch of his next at-bat in the fifth, he was drilled in the thigh by Teheran, an event that did not make him an extremely happy man:

harper gif

(GIF courtesy of SB Nation).

His reaction then led to a predictable clearing of the benches and bullpens, as both teams walked as slowly as humanly possible towards Harper and Teheran and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing except glare angrily at each other. Here's a video of the unexciting event:

[mlbvideo id="29473107" width="400" height="224" /]

Then came the tweets.

The Braves account went first, and you can tell they've probably had this tweet filed away for the last year, just waiting for a controversial Bryce Harper play to occur so that they could use it and feel witty. Responding to the way Harper mouthed off at Teheran, the Braves went with the obvious:

The Nats were not in the mood for the snark, and sassed back with:

this link.