By Ryan Glasspiegel
August 09, 2013

Italian forward Mario Balotelli celebrat Gabriel Bouys/AFP

Eccentric Italian striker Mario Balotelli—who has, in the past, thrown a dart at a youth team player, set his house on fire after letting off fireworks indoors, drawn copious red cards, and dedicated a goal to Drake—finally received the infant piggy he apparently ordered after what was clearly days or perhaps weeks of waiting:

Well, she's certainly adorable. But are we sure she's a she?

Seems like as good a methodology as any for determining such things.

Though he has had issues in the past with responsibility both on and off the pitch, Balotelli claims that he's taken steps to mature. Here's hoping that is indeed the case, and that this animal-owner relationship does not take a dark and confiscatory turn like that of Justin Bieber and his monkey.



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