By Jimmy Traina
August 12, 2013

Baba Booey Is Here To Stay

Howard Stern :: Theo Wargo/Getty Images Howard Stern :: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

With all due respect to Jason Dufner, who won the PGA championship Sunday, the highlight of the tournament took place away from the course and on Twitter. Ian Poulter vented his frustration with all the of the fans who screamed "Baba Booey" during a shot. Poulter, however, didn't exactly nail the "Baba Booey" part, so he received a correction from someone in the know.

Poulter and the rest of the golfers shouldn't expect the "Baba Booeys" to subside, either. Stern played all of the weekend's "Baba Booey" shoutouts on his SiriusXM radio show this morning and rated each one. He also asked fans to stop shouting "mashed potatoes" and just stick with screaming out "Baba Booey."

But How Do You Really  Feel?

During last Thursday's Rams-Browns game, Cleveland analyst Bernie Kosar pulled no punches. He destroyed St. Louis quarterback Kellen Clemens, saying, "Bless me father for I have sinned. I have to watch him the whole fourth quarter." But that was nothing compared to his comments about the  Rams' wide receivers. Kosar said if the group's parents were watching, they should be embarrassed. This angered St. Louis coach Jeff Fisher. The Browns told Kosar to tone things down.

Rough Weekend

When we last left you on Friday, we linked to a gallery of various sports figures wearing Mark Sanchez's now famous headband. Since then, Sanchez started his preseason by throwing this hideous interception and growing this fu manchu.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Naya Rivera Naya Rivera :: Steve Granitz/WireImage

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Glee's Naya Rivera is the hottest woman on TV. She proved it again last night at the Teen Choice awards. ... The Victoria's Secret "rookies" gathered together for a big phootshoot this weekend. ... Actress Lyndsy Fonseca is in the new GQ UK.

Random Links

Speaking of the Teen Choice Awards, you must see Russell Westbrook's outfit for the show. ... The best catch of the weekend came at a Wiffle ball tournament. ... Kobe Bryant's new Nike commercial is outstanding.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

In case you missed the controversial podcast with Evan Longoria last week, you can listen to it below or download it on iTunes  or your mp3 player. I'd urge you to listen if you're a Rays fan because...

[audio|titles=The Hot Clicks Podcast=Rays third baseman Evan Longoria joins the show|width=600]

Giveaway Of The Day

Courtesy BiGR Audio Courtesy BiGR Audio

I have a pair of Rays headphones, courtesy of BiGR Audio to give away. The first person to e-mail me ( the answer to the question below wins the headphones. You must e-mail me and put "CONTEST" in the subject line in order to be eligible.

1. What is the name (first and last) of Evan Longoria's best friend?

UPDATE: Contest is over. Ryan Broswell knew that Giovanni Cruz is Evan Longoria's best friend.

Sports Video Of The Day

Angels pitcher Jerome Williams showed off his impressive Electric Slide skills Saturday night.

[mlbvideo id="29603813" width="600" height="360" /]

Tribute Video Of The Day

This tongue-in-cheek tribute video about Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert will have you thinking he's a combination of Hulk Hogan and Tom Brady by the end of it.

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