By Ryan Glasspiegel
August 13, 2013

Democratic National Convention: Day 1 Alex Wong/Getty Images

In an effort to promote her campaign against childhood obesity, Michelle Obama is releasing a new hip-hop album entitled Songs for a Healthier America. The album, which features Ashanti, Matisyahu, Travis Barker, and Jordin Sparks on songs with titles such as "U R What You Eat" and "We Like Vegetables," is scheduled to be released in September.

While the First Lady herself will unfortunately not be appearing on any of the jams, it was exciting to learn that the record will feature Iman Shumpert, who lent his vocal stylings to the track "Pass the Rock" with Artie Green. Incidentally, the Knicks guard released a freestyle of his own yesterday which, graded on the curve of past NBA player rap performances, is a veritable ear massage:



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