By Ryan Glasspiegel
September 05, 2013

Well, great. Now I can never enjoy traditional table tennis again. (And I'm a man who very much enjoyed traditional table tennis.)

This ping pong table / sensory assassin comes by way of David Rinman, who constructed it as his graduation project at Forsbergs School of Design & Advertising in Sweden*. The table has a surface pattern that changes based on the ball's movement, and each bounce triggers a snippet of electronic music. (Wired has details on how it all works.) It's the best parts of performance art and dance clubs and afternoons in your parents' basement. Are shifting (and likely distracting) audio / visual elements necessary for ping pong? Not at all. But they're still great, and it's nice to see someone pushing table tennis innovation beyond a set of walls.

*Of course it came from Europe.


MocoLoco Wired

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