By Ryan Glasspiegel
September 09, 2013

This post would be much more amusing if the Cowboys had executed the collapse that their fans feared/believed they would during the second half last night, but the Giants running backs had other plans. Nevertheless, it warrants mentioning that Jerry Jones -- the team's owner and general manager, to the dismay of some -- had an eclectic gameday entourage that included the world's best basketball player, Cowboys vs. Giantsa sitting governor (New Jersey's Chris Christie, in photo to right), and the star of Suburban Commando.

LeBron, who has always touted his Cowboys fanhood, was booed when he was shown on the Jerrytron. Hogan is the future father-in-law of the team's back-up center Phil Costa. (As an aside, Hogan's renowned 24-inch pythons appear remarkably intact for a man who just turned 60.) And while one may have been surprised to see a politician from New Jersey -- the home of the Giants -- fraternizing in the enemy owners' box, Christie revealed in a recent NFL Network interview that his allegiances date back over 40 years.


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