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Is It Saturday Yet?

Johnny Manziel :: Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Johnny Manziel was suspended for signing autographs with his likeness on it. (Darren Rovell/ESPN)

After tonight's NFL doubleheader, the countdown will officially be on until Alabama at Texas A&M on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET, with Verne Lundquist behind the mic for his first game of the season. How big is the game? A&M students have already lined up for tickets to the game, while CBS says it will have one camera dedicated to followingJohnny Manziel and only Johnny Manziel. The Crimson Tide, who lost 29-24 at home last season to the Aggies, are eight-point favorites.

Wrapping Up The  Weekend has compiled the 20 best football GIFs from Saturday and Sunday.

Pee Wee Football Play Of The Day

Marshawn Lynch has nothing on this kid.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Model and TV personality Lisa Morales ,who you can see more of on her site, gets today's LLOD honors. 

This Sums It Up

The last word on Eminem's appearance with Brent Musbuger and Kirk Herbsterit (plus a solid Notre Dame-Michigan recap) comes from those creative Taiwanese animators.

Random Links

The Dolphins cheerleaders have made a Blurred Lines video. ... Beyonceis a Michigan Wolverines fan. ... Falcons wide receiver Roddy Whitehas advice for all of his fantasy owners.

Local News Video Of The Day

Remember the newscaster who dropped a million WWE references in a recent sports report? Via comes his latest piece of work in which he unleashes a slew of Seinfeld references.

Prank Video Of The Day

The guys acted way too calmly -- expect for the one at the three-minute mark who ran away.