By austin wood
September 13, 2013

A week’s worth of video game news and trailers, all in convenient digest form.

Sony Unveils PS Vita TV, a New Companion Console 

It seems that Sony isn't content with putting just one next-generation gaming console out this year, as the company recently announced that it will be adding the diminutive PlayStation Vita TV to its holiday mix—but only in Japan.

According to reports from the SCEJA (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia) Press Conference 2013 in Japan, Vita TV is a $100 microconsole, barely larger than a deck of cards, which has access to the PlayStation Network and is able to play PS Vita games through a built-in card slot (in addition to PSP and original PlayStation games via PlayStation Network). A DualShock 3 controller, however, is required to use the device, and is not factored into the $100 tag. Vita TV is also able to stream games and media from other devices through PSN, as its reveal trailer (above) indicates.


Vita TV will release in Japan November 14, but has not yet been confirmed for a European or North American release.


Game News

FIFA 14 and PES 2014 go up for demo play

It's the best time of the year for soccer-obsessed gamers, as gameplay demos of FIFA 14 and PES 2014 have both gone live today, with the latter currently exclusive to North America. The demos first hit Xbox Live and PC (through EA's Origin service) and clock in at roughly 1.5 GB and 1.8 GB, respectively; they have since also become available for Playstation.

EA secures an endorsement from Clint Dempsey 

American soccer icon Clint Dempsey has agreed to a multi-year partnership with EA, the company recently announced. As a result of the endorsement, Dempsey will assume the mantle of "EA Sports Football Ambassador" and play a significant role in North American promotions and advertisements for EA's FIFA franchise. Commenting on his new business partnership, Dempsey said, "Having been a longtime fan of the EA Sports FIFA franchise, I am thrilled to join the FIFA team. The FIFA games have played an important role in bringing many new fans to soccer in the United States and it's awesome to partner with the team to continue the great work they've already been doing." And now, commercials like this can play an important role in bringing many new fans to FIFA games:


The part with the videos

New details surface about NHL 14's Ultimate Team …

… As does NHL 14's full launch trailer

Humiliate your opponents in style with these new FIFA 14 character celebrations


Final Boss

In honor of the impending release of parkour game Mirror's Edge 2, YouTube parkour specialists Ampisound made a real-life Mirror's Edge tribute:

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