By Jimmy Traina
September 17, 2013

Good & Bad Of Social Media

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez shared a picture of his acupuncture session, his chest hair and his sense of humor. The caption he used for the photo was, "Acupuncture #rehab #ouch #chesthair #manscape#teenwolf." Meanwhile, Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt announced on Twitter today that he doesn't think he'll be back with the team next year.

"Why Are You Embarrassing Me Like This?"

Flyers forward Scott Hartnell couldn't get into the Air Canada Centre before last night's game against the Maple Leafs without showing proper ID, while cameras were rolling.

A For Effort

Five Astros players participated in a charity dance contest ("Dancing with the 'Stros") on Sunday. The movies by rookie pitcher Jarred Cosart at the 21-second mark were really, um, something else.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Model Brit Bliss is back with another go-around as the Lovely Lady of the Day thanks to the new pictures above.

Let's Hope This Starts A Trend

Networks love to copy each other, so hopefully that will happen after the Sacramento Kings' season opener airs on TV sans commercials.

Just In Time For Football Season

If you're a tailgater who has issues when mother nature calls, you might want to look into The Whizdom.

Video Of The Day

Hey, NFL teams, take a lesson: This is what the B.C. Lions do during a video review.

Beer Video Of The Day

Imagine turning on your faucets at home and beer comes out. That happened to this guy.* (Thanks to Rob Hopkins, of Fishersville, Va.. and Spencer, of Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan, for the video.)

*Could possibly be fake, but still a must-watch.

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