By Sam Page
September 18, 2013


Professional, well-educated gentleman of Gainesville, get your dating résumés and head shots ready. One dad will give you a free ticket to Saturday's Tennessee-Florida football game if you go with his step-daughter, pay for dinner, and promise not to be threatened by attractive women.

This step-dad obviously thinks highly of the step-kid, but just in case you're not convinced, the listing includes the face value of the ticket ($150) and the location of the seats (40 yard line), making the whole enterprise seem uncomfortably more like a transaction.

Submissions are due by midnight, so if you're the funny guy who's going to send this UT fan a long, appropriately creepy email, offering to barter for slightly better tickets and ending with a picture of Lane Kiffin, hurry up.

Granted this could be a hoax. Boy, do I hope this is a hoax. [Update: Apparently, it's not a hoax.]

[Update: Aaaand the contest is over and the posting has been taken down. I hope you won, I guess.

Here's the ad if you missed it.

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