By Luke Winkie
September 18, 2013

77a0904a via Pitchfork

Ah, the Super Bowl: great football, funny ads, and gallons of fake blood sprayed on you and your friends. Well, usually that last part isn't included, which is why the people of the internet have put together a petition to book everyone's favorite Virginian thrash-metal rabble-rousers GWAR for the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show.

"The time for GWAR to address the nation is NOW," begins the proposal, which might be the most beautiful sentence ever created in the English language.

Right now the petition has 20,395 signatures, which is about 5 billion signatures short of having even a remote chance of working. Regardless, it's always great to see GWAR as the epicenter of a positive social movement. Finally, democracy we care about!

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