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Apparently, Toddlers Need CrossFit

The popular, high-intensity CrossFit workout craze has found a new demographic: 3 year olds.

A gym in Long Island City is offering CrossFit-style classes for ages 3 & up, so that children can work out the same way their parents do. The workouts will, thankfully, not include any weights, but will feature lots of reps of CrossFit staples like squats and various presses.

So, if you are concerned about your pre-schooler's muscle definition, and have $140 dollars a month to spend on a weekly children's workout class (double, if you think they need to feel the burn twice a week), then head on out to Long Island City, or one of the gym's soon-to-open outposts in Brooklyn or Queens.

Just be sure to cross the street if you see a child throwing a temper tantrum. They may be stronger than you think.