By Ryan Glasspiegel
September 19, 2013

[si_video id="video_72BED460-52D7-2F77-5195-379C3AF89C78"]

Jay Pharoah, comedian and SNL cast member, appeared on SI Now yesterday. In the clip above, he alternates effortlessly in and out of his famous impressions as he discusses SNL, his comedic influences, and his late realization that he could dunk a basketball.

Below are some snippets of his uncanny impersonations.

Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe

[si_video id="video_4B256EEE-FF8B-9750-AE20-382F75363BDA"]

President Obama

[si_video id="video_8B5534D2-3135-DDB9-0EBB-384841405020"]

Will Smith

[si_video id="video_269B363A-E84E-05E6-C1C1-3842CC9AB92C"]

Kanye's love for Kim Kardashian

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