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This Hakeem Nicks Quote Is Reminiscent of a Classic Steve Carell Hockey Goalie Sketch

In the aftermath of the Giants' 38-0 gutting at the hands of the Panthers on Sunday, receiver Hakeem Nicks made note of his inability to play both pitcher and catcher. Specifically, he told the Newark Star-Ledger:

“You’ve got to control what you can control. I can’t throw it to myself.”

When you read that quote, you may have said to yourself, "Boy, that seems like a charged quote. I hope that one of the MMQB writers will dissect the subtext of Hakeem's statement."

Or, you may have thought, "Ha, the idea of a receiver not being able to throw the ball to himself is just like that sketch that Steve Carell did, during his time as an actor on the short-lived Dana Carvey Show, where he played a goalie who was unable to practice because he had nobody to shoot the puck at him. Man, I haven't seen that sketch in ages. I wonder how it's doing."

Since most of you likely fall in the latter camp, here it is: