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The Game Times: September 25

A week’s worth of video game news and trailers, all in convenient digest form.

EA Working to Fill Executive Gaps Following New CEO's Appointment


With Andrew Wilson now serving as CEO, Electronic Arts has begun a second wave of corporate restructuring to re-balance its hierarchy.

The news (via Polygon) comes from the company's most recent "town hall" meeting, a company-wide venture to discuss internal matters.

Immediately filling in for Wilson is Patrick Söderlund, currently executive VP of EA Games, who will soon become the head of EA Sports. Söderlund's new position oversees the publisher's many sports franchises, but leaves the digital side of EA for Frank Gibeau, currently president of EA Labels.

Gibeau will now head the company's mobile sectors and online distribution platform, Origin. EA has not confirmed whether Gibeau will leave EA Labels, which could spur another round of musical chairs.

Game News 

Vita TV Gaining Stateside Support 


Though lauded as a game-changing product and service, Sony's newest console, PlayStation Vita TV, is currently confined to Japan with no signs of an impending multinational launch. However, as Masayasu Ito of Sony Japan told Eurogamer, North America's interest in the little system is impossible to ignore. Speaking on Western reactions, he said that the response has been "strong" and "more than we expected." In addition, echoing Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House's optimistic comments, Ito stated that Sony will "look at all of this before deciding on a launch in Europe and the United States."

The Part with the Videos 

The Mercedes-Benz AMG Shines in DriveClub's Newest Trailer

See NBA 2K14's Franchiseplay as the Chicago Bulls face off against Miami Heat...

...or see the New York Knicks against the L.A. Clippers

Final Boss

A Connection Blunder Leaves Sony with a Dead PS4 During a Live Japanese Show

Sony's Tokyo Game Show 2013 presentation was not without its faults, some more hilarious than others. Topping the list is a completely unresponsive PlayStation 4, which made The Playroom's gameplay demo that much more riveting. The entire presentation was broadcast live—in Sony's homeland, at that—and the resulting confusion is hysterical. Funnily enough, president of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida himself admitted (via Twitter) that the entire ordeal was "an epic fail," but not indicative of any problems with PS4.