By Ryan Glasspiegel
October 16, 2013


The last year or so of Johnny Manziel is going to comprise one of the greatest documentaries of all-time some day. The rich descendant of cockfighting felons, Manziel beat Alabama, won the Heisman, flaunted his wealth at a casino and in court-side seats, got kicked out of a frat party and the Manning Passing Academy, and (essentially) successfully evaded NCAA sanctions for autographs that he reportedly sold. He responded to all the controversy by mocking his critics with celebratory hand signals and subsequently cemented his status as the best player in college football in a close loss to Alabama -- he's currently at or near the top of every Heisman poll.

And now he's letting the Internet weigh in on his Halloween costume. Last year, his legendary Scooby Doo outfit (and poses with various College Station coeds) went viral. As one of the primary catalysts of that landmark eventOutkick the Coverage proprietor and Fox Sports 1 college football commentator Clay Travis reached out to Manziel, who agreed to let democracy reign for this year's get-up.

Travis explains the stipulations:

I'm going to allow your collective brilliance to shine on Twitter and I want to see your ideas. Stop working or studying for class, we need your best Johnny Manziel Halloween costume ideas. You can tag me your suggestions on Twitter, email me, or make a suggestion using the hashtag #johnnyhalloween. Ultimately we'll decide on ten nominees -- yes, don't worry, last year's Scooby Doo costume will be included as one of the ten nominees as well -- and then let Outkick readers vote on what the best costume would be.

Based on his slick escapability on and off the field, we'd suggest the roadrunner.


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