By Jimmy Traina
October 17, 2013

Hey, Mickey

Adrian Gonzalez :: Harry How/Getty Images Adrian Gonzalez :: Harry How/Getty Images

Solid move by Dodgers slugger Adrian Gonzalez to throw up the Mickey Mouse ears after homering against the Cardinals on Wednesday. St. Louis pitcher Adam Wainwright had earlier complained about Gonzalez doing "Mickey Mouse stuff" during Game 3.

Gambling Story Of The Day

A 62-year-old grandfather just collected $200,000 on an $80 bet he made in 1998. He wagered that his 18-month-old grandson would play for the Welsh National Soccer Team. On Tuesday, the 16-year made his grandpa a winner.

Great Coaching

Jets coach/clown Rex Ryan did NOT tell his players not to have sex this week in order to save their energy for Sunday's game against the Patriots. However, he did tell them not to do any chores for their wives/significant others.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Victoria's Secret's Candice Swanepoel will model a $10 million bra in December. ... Another Victoria's Secret model, Adriana Lima, is still going strong. ... Here's a new photoshoot from UFC Ring Girl, Logan Stanton.

Give This Guy A Break Already

The vendetta Texans fans have against Matt Schaub continues. The latest incident of Schaub hate comes from a local supermarket

For A Good Cause

The green, yellow, gold, silver and all the other colors that Oregon wears will take a backseat to pink this Saturday. The Ducks are going with pink helmets and cleats for their game against Washington State.

Stephen Colbert Video Of The Day

Here's a great mashup of Colbert losing it on the air.

Live TV Video Of The Day

This is a pro. Eyelash falls off and she doesn't miss a beat.

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