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Winnipeg Jets Teammates Pranked Blake Wheeler at His New House

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Winnipeg Jets star winger Blake Wheeler recently moved into a new house and his teammates decided to have a little fun in introducing him to the neighborhood.

As Reddit user and Wheeler's neighbor CerebusArdvark recalls:

On our way home, I saw this cardboard cutout on the second floor of Wheeler's house. It was a full sized cutout of him during a game with the words "Knock for a free autograph". I thought that was very cool although a little odd.

Got home and told my wife and she immediately wanted to go over there with both our kids as we figured maybe it was some kind of thing due to their win the night before or...something.

So we go over there, knock and his wife comes to the door and I ask if Mr. Wheeler is home. She says yes and a moment later he comes to the door. I say we were wondering if we could get an autograph like the sign said....and then he just looked at me and said "What sign?". Apparently one/some of his teammates had played a practical joke on him.

So super embarrassing but he was still really cool about it and chatted with us for a couple minutes and did sign my kids jersey.

His teammates will no doubt be heartened to hear this story, after they had tried the same prank back in Atlanta and no one had knocked.