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Next Gen NBA 2K14 Will Be More Detailed about How the Lakers Lose


The last two times the NBA 2K series made the jump to a next-gen console -- first, in 2001, with NBA 2K2 and the Playstation 2 and XBox, then again in 2005 with NBA 2K6 and the XBox 360 -- fans complained that the next-gen version changed nothing more than minor cosmetic details. Now, while NBA 2K14 for the PS4 and XBox One has definitely been flaunting its improved graphics over the current generation, it will seemingly also offer an actual new experience.

2K Sports senior producer Erick Boenisch spoke to video game website Polygon over the weekend about the next-gen 2K14. In addition to a complete "re-imagining" of the MyGM mode that will incorporate role-playing elements, the game will feature at least one new mode called "The Park", which lets user take their created player to various parks across the country and play pick-up games with other online ballers.

In addition, the "NBA Today" feature, which integrated real life, real-time NBA scores updates during NBA 2K14's games, will be far more informative. Here's Boenisch, to Polygon:

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"[NBA Today] is a feature we put out there a little silently for our current generation of the game to kind of test it out and tune it before the next-gen one comes out. In the [current edition of NBA 2K14], it's like 'Hey, the Lakers played last night. They lost 115 to 114. Kobe had a pretty good game.'

"In this one, it's going to be like 'They lost on a last second shot. Kobe missed it but he shot 14 for 28. He had 31 points. Got in foul trouble late in the game.' And that's the kind of detail that you don't get from the old system."

If only the feature would also keep tabs on Kobe's recovery from his achilles injury.