By Ben Sin
November 01, 2013

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Miami Heat third fiddle and two-time champion Chris Bosh wrote a great op-ed today for, urging everyone to learn to code. If you're a fan of coding or Bosh in particular, you should read the whole thing.

But for the rest, we thought we'd take the time to highlight the most interesting bits of the piece:

For as far back as I can remember, my mom had a business called Computer Help. So I pretty much grew up around computers. Later on, she worked for Texas Instruments.

Bosh's mother, Freida, sounds really smart. In fact, she opened a math lab in Dallas last year that helps children -- especially minority children -- master technology, engineering and math.

I received my high school diploma, but I did not graduate from college.

Bosh had said he originally planned to finish his degree at Georgia Tech in graphic design and computer imaging, but after averaging 15.6 points, 9.0 rebounds and 2.2 blocks as a freshman while leading the Atlantic Coast Conference in field goal percentage (.560), Bosh decided to leave school for the NBA's millions.

 At some point most pro athletes have to ask themselves “what if it doesn’t work out?”

Bosh probably never had to face that question, as he had a solid rookie year (averaging 12 points, 7 rebounds) and a great career since. He was scoring in double figures consistently by his third week in the league.

Like any good basketball game, we can still catch up.

Well, yeah, especially if you have Ray Allen on your team.

Even though I excelled at basketball, I was subjected to what many of my coding peers had to deal with before tech became “cool” — teasing.

Well, Chris, you were in a club called WizKids and you probably had a TI85 in your pocket all throughout high school. Teasing was to be expected. By the way, you still get teased regularly today and you're a millionaire pro athlete.

I’ve seen lots of videos with me in it throughout the years – games, music videos, commercials — but watching myself in the video was one of the coolest moments of my life.

Even better this target="_blank">video? Or target="_blank">this one?

When fans started tweeting at me that their teachers showed them a video of me along with some of the most famous tech icons in the world, it finally all come together for me and made one thing clear: the nerds have finally achieved their revenge.

With the advanced-metrics movement is well underway in the NBA, the nerds are not just getting their revenge, they're running the NBA.


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