By Neil Janowitz
November 01, 2013


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For reasons unclear, we sports fans believe that we have the license to approach athletes at any moment and ask for an autograph. It's just what we do: Ambush famous strangers.

To see how it would go over if regular civilians were stopped on the street and asked for an autograph or photo, we had Brooklyn Nets rookie Mason Plumlee join us in Union Square on a recent Saturday afternoon. Being that he's new to New York (and the NBA), Mason was able to navigate the area largely without interruption, save for the occasional chirp from a Dukie or particularly devoted Nets fan. That made him just a random dude asking other people for autographs—albeit a random dude who's 6'11.

In case you're wondering how the autographs of Union Square passers-by look, here are the fruits of Plumlee's labor:

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