By Ryan Glasspiegel
November 04, 2013

In September, a Cleveland Browns fan wore a jersey listing the 18 quarterbacks the Browns have started since the Tim Couch era, a number which would of course grow to 19 last week when the team started Jason Campbell. There was a lot of suffering packed into that one piece of apparel, and it inspired a Vikings fan to do the same last week:

That's a pretty horrifying list, but at least they got a season where Brett Favre was great and there were Super Bowl hopes target="_blank">right up until the second in which there weren't.

And, it was a much more orderly design than the haphazardness on this Bills jersey:

I think that used to be a Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey, but I can't even tell for sure. In any event, it sort of feels like cheating to go all the way back to people like Doug Flutie, Rob Johnson, and Frank Reich, with the latter's last start for the franchise coming in 1994.


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