Robber Taunts Alabama-Fan Victim by Leaving Auburn Christmas Ornament in Car

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There is really no love lost between Alabama Crimson Tide fans and Auburn Tigers fans. First it was a Bama fan poisoning the sacred Auburn trees. Now it's gone a step further.

A Jefferson county man, who is huge Alabama fan, found his car burglarized. And while getting your car broken into sucks, the criminal's calling card made it worse: an Auburn Tigers Christmas ornament in the front passenger seat:

Sheriff's deputies on Friday were dispatched to the man's home on White Drive near Concord Friday. The victim, whose name was not released, told lawmen he believed it was a message since he is an "avid" Alabama fan and would never have Auburn merchandise anywhere near his car.

It was an assault to his sensibilities, in addition to the theft of electronic and other items in his car. The ornament was taken by deputies as evidence.

"I guess the rivalry knows no boundaries," said Chief Deputy Christian.

You've gotta love SEC football.