The Iron Sheik Has Arrived at Toronto City Hall to Arm Wrestle Mayor Rob Ford

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Just when you think the saga of Rob Ford, Toronto's crack-smoking mayor, couldn't be more of a circus, WWE Hall of Famer the Iron Sheik has officially arrived in Toronto to arm wrestle the disgraced politician.

You would think Sheikie baby, a man who knows what its like target="_blank">to be caught smoking out of a glass pipe on tape, and a recovering crack-smoker himself, would be there to offer words of advice to Ford. But alas, the guys who (likely) run the Sheik's infamous Twitter account are Toronto-based, and probably saw a good opportunity for publicity.

Make the jabroni humble, bubba, unless he gives you target="_blank">a to the z.

Disclaimer: No link in this post is safe work, as they involve the Iron Sheik.