By Andy Gray
November 12, 2013

The Fans Speak

There will be no 0-16 team this year as Tampa Bay earned its first victory of the season last night with a 22-19 victory over Miami. Warren Sapp, who was voted "Most Flirtatious Male" during his senior year at Florida's Apopka High School, was added to the Bucs' Ring of Honor during a halftime ceremony. The big story, however, was the return to football in Miami for the first time since the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin story broke nearly two weeks ago, which gave fans a chance to finally voice the opinion.

For the Ladies

Thunder guard Russell Westbrook has signed a deal with Kings and Jax to model high end underwear.

For the Men

Kate Upton, who we last saw jinxing the Braves chances in the postseason, is being eyed for the female lead of the Entourage movie.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Thanks to Anthony Neste for sending along these pics he just shot of the lovely Crystal Bailey. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Dolan = Namath?

After sitting courtside for a 31-point loss to the Spurs, Knicks owner James Dolan performed with his band JD and the Straight Shot on Sunday night. And much like Joe Namath before Super Bowl III, Dolan predicted a Knicks victory in its game against Atlanta on Wednesday.

Another Head-Scratching NCAA Ruling

BYU cross-country runner Jared Ward lost a year of eligibility for participating in a "fun run" where participants wear costumes while they race.

SI Vault Photo of the Day

Sammy Sosa :: SI Sammy Sosa :: SI

Happy 45th birthday Sammy Sosa. 

Quote of the Day

"It’s the little brother that kind of grew up a little bit. He may be a little taller than the big brother. He’s not stronger. He’s not better than the big brother at anything. But that one day, he just says, 'I'm fed up. I’m done. I’m gonna punch my brother in the face.""

-Bears WR Brandon Marshall on being defeated by the Lions during an appearance on ESPN 1000 in Chicago

Quote of the Day 2

"Me and (Tom) Brady worked on that in the offseason."

Celtics forward Gerald Wallace discussing his inbounds pass to Jeff Green in Boston's last-second victory over Miami on Saturday

Odds and Ends

I love everything about these two elderly women enjoying the Wichita State game ... Lamar Odom and Bruce Jenner have been hanging out. I really hope it's in Jenner's amazing '70s love den ...  Anne Hathaway is a Danny Woodhead fan ... SportsCenter is trying to get more celebrity hosts after the success of Ken Jeung.

When Globetrotters Stunts Go Bad

William “Bull” Bullard of the Globetrotters goes up for a dunk, hangs on the rim, and gets toppled by the falling backboard. Luckily, he made it out okay. (link via The Big Lead)

SI Swimsuit Video Of The Day

The models discuss their dogs

[si_cvp_video id="video_BCAD46B1-149A-504E-799E-383DFFFEFB7E"]

The Kevin Love Outlet Pass Video Mashup

The man can throw an outlet pass. (link via

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