By Andy Gray
December 09, 2013

Signs of the Week

Each Monday in P.M. Hot Clicks, we look at the best fan signs of the past week.

Ikea Furniture or Hockey Player?

Take our test.

Randy Moss Purple Car Update

The retired receiver is not happy his name is being used in conjunction with the car's eBay listing.

Lovely Lady Roundup

Jessica Hart and Gracie Carvalho frolicked in Miami Beach, which inspired me to put together some of Hart's best photos ... Athlon Sports has their 40 favorite college cheerleaders ... Did you know Miley Cyrus has a 26-year-old sister?

Two Classy Guys

Hats off to Southern Mississippi coach Todd Monkon who bought each of his graduating seniors a suit so they'd be prepared for job interviews. Not to be outdone is Yankees outfielder Ichiro Suzuki, who penned a handwritten thank you note to Mariners superfan Amy Franz, keeper of the Ich-Meter.

One Angry Guy

Adrian Peterson is still ranting on Twitter about the Ravens fans and their snowballs.

And Then There's Macaulay Culkin

The Home Alone star just formed a Velvet Underground cover band that re-imagine's Lou Reed's classic songs but with a pizza theme. 

Odds and Ends

Aaron Hernandez has taken up naked doodling while passing the time in prison ... Retired baseball star Magglio Ordonez has been elected mayor of the town of Sotillo in his native Venezuela ... Lions receiver Nate Burleson was heckled by a homeless man ... This is the world's largest gingerbread house.

Video Of The Day

Beyond the Baseline, SI's tennis blog, has published its annual offbeat awards including that time Juan Martin del Potro took a mid-match selfie with a fan's camera.

Mascot Video Of The Day

Houston's Clutch the Bear hits a half court hook shot while balancing on a giant ball.

Mascot Video Of The Day, Part 2

Pistons center Andre Drummond and mascot Hooper rap to Eminem's Berzerk.

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