By Sam Page
December 09, 2013

IKEA Life Improvement Project

I experienced a rite of passage this weekend as I bought and constructed furniture from Swedish home goods emporium IKEA for my first apartment. My biggest takeaway from the experience was to always follow directions in the exact order listed or risk trapping your head between two nailed boards.

If I was to pick a second takeaway, though, it would probably be how much many of the items I saw in the store reminded me of Swedish hockey player names. In an attempt to prove I'm not just a dumb American, I've put together the below quiz, asking you to differentiate between professional Swedish hockey players and IKEA furniture. For each question, it's prompting you to pick the name you think is the hockey player.

You better not miss #1:

[polldaddy type="iframe" survey="5C8D54A768860E19" height="auto" domain="davidmatinho" id="hockey-player-or-ikea-item"]

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