By Ryan Glasspiegel
December 09, 2013

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This past September, Philadelphia blogger Dan McQuade used a distance-measuring tool to trace Rocky Balboa's training route in the Rocky II montage, ultimately determining it to be over 30 miles. The natural progression of this, of course, was a bunch of people gathering together to see if they could actually do the long run that helped fuel (spoiler alert) Rocky's re-match victory over Apollo Creed.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, about 150 runners turned up this past Saturday to take a stab at the route, which was slightly adjusted so that people wouldn't have to run on train tracks. Some of the ultra-marathoners finished in under five hours.

The event's organizer Rebecca Schaefer was proud that the run's lack of amenities "captured the spirit of Rocky," and one runner celebrated its completion with a cheesesteak and a nap.


Wall Street Journal

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