By Neil Janowitz
December 15, 2013


When ones gets wind of a non-fatal axe attack that occurred between two brothers during a dispute over video games, it's clear what has to be done: A call has to be made. Details need to be procured. Journalism needs to rise to the occasion.

What we knew: Earlier this week, 19-year-old Lincoln, Nebraska resident Luke Marshall attacked his 21-year-old brother with a "double-bladed medieval axe" after the sibling complained about the volume of an early morning gaming session Marshall was having with friends. The brother sustained a cut on his right hand that required eight stitches, and a minor wound on his right foot. Marshall was arrested and charged with three different felonies: Second-degree assault, terroristic threats, and use of a weapon to commit a felony.

What we wanted to know: Everything. Ev-er-y-thing.

So, a call was placed to the Lancaster County Sheriff's office in Lincoln, where a rep shared all the information he had on the case. As the police report details, Marshall and two friends were playing video games in the basement around 5 a.m. when his brother, who was trying to sleep, asked them to be quiet. This led to a brotherly quarrel, at which point the friends excused themselves and left. The two brothers kept at it, prompting Marshall to arm himself with the aforementioned double-headed medieval axe, as well as a previously unreported miniature baseball bat. "But," the Sheriff's office rep noted, "the damage was done with the axe."

What we now know: The attack also involved a mini baseball bat. While not an "everything" degree of information, that's nevertheless a valuable detail.

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