By Brett Smiley
December 18, 2013

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He'll Be Here All Night

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Last night after a frustrating loss dropped his pack of "mamas boys" to 2-8, second-year Southern Illinois basketball coach Barry Hinson delivered a Bobby Knight-caliber press conference performance that combined self-deprecation, a Seal Team 6 mention, and references to his sex life. On rebounding, Hinson said without cracking a smile: “I’ve been telling my wife this for years, size doesn’t matter." Instant classic and a must-watch.

Troll Tide

Alabama coach Nick Saban will remain Alabama's head coach, but his extension didn't come without a scare that Texas might lure him west. Now that the Tide faithful's blood pressure has returned to normal levels, it can laugh about this billboard in Tuscaloosa.

Men in Green

They're not just for Canucks fans anymore. The Minnesota Wild's mascot Nordy goofed on the visiting Canucks by dressing like the Green Men and dancing by Vancouver's bench.

Swimming With the Sharks

That's not a reference to a mob hit; rather, it's what Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray did at an aquarium the other day as part of his rehab following ACL surgery. Murray's girlfriend Kacie McDonnell joined him and wore a bodysuit quite well, so it felt like a good time to make her ...

Lovely Lady Of The Day

… Today's LLOD. McDonnell is reporter for FOX 29 in Philadelphia. Rant Sports has more of Kacie in decidedly less clothing, as does Gamedayr. You can follow her on both Instagram and Twitter.

That's Gonna Leave a Mark

It's amazing that Ryan Getzlaf walked away relatively unscathed after Kyle Quincey launched him head-first into the boards. Of course, in hockey terminology "relatively unscathed" means "his teeth went through his mouth area." Tom Wilson delivered a similar, brutal shot to a defenseless Brayden Schenn last night. Meanwhile, Coyotes goalie Mike Smith went flying as though he had taken a devastating shot, which he didn't.

Kids Write the Darndest Things

Recall the jaw-breaking shot that Bengals punter Kevin Huber suffered this past weekend? A 7-year-old Huber admirer is pissed at the Steelers about it and feels pretty strongly that the player who delivered the hit should become ... homeless.

Jesus Shuttlesworth Is Coming to Town

The NBA wasn't joking about having its players wear nicknames on the backs of their jerseys. Spike Lee circulated a photo of Ray Allen's Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey, a reference to Allen's character from Lee's 1998 joint He Got Game.

Odds & Ends

How is this bike trick even possible? ... Insane 2-OT ending between Lob City and USF last night (the shot didn't count, barely) ... Clayton Kershaw doing the dishes in his Cy Young Belt ... Ever-modest Mario Balotelli wore cleats decorated with newspaper articles about him ... Mariano gets NYC street named in his honor, though if it's true to form it would be closed about 97% of the time ... I'm not sure if Justin Tucker is rightfully "Legatron" (I say it's Greg Zuerlein of the Rams) but Baltimore thinks the so-named kicker is greater than Megatron ... A Florida Man tried to trade his alligator for a 12-pack.

Notre Dame Comes on Pretty Strong

The school sent recruit Dalton Schultz a "pot of gold" with 477 pieces of mail. Comical scene as the guy exclaimed about the mail bin and rubber bands required to keep it all together.

There's Only One Green Man


I don't want to spoil it for you.

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