By Sam Page
December 19, 2013


The Michigan State Spartans are slated to play Stanford New Year's Day in the Rose Bowl and they're bringing a secret weapon with them. Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan, who recorded the team's unofficial anthem, "Type of Way," plans to join the Spartans -- jersey and all -- on their way to Rose Bowl. Quan became a big fan of the team after Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio gave him a shout out in a post-game interview on national TV.

"Coach said my name twice, and it sent chills through me,'' said Quan, who played football through his youth. "He could have mentioned anyone in the whole world. I mean, a man 57 years old liking me and doing that. I truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.''

Quan, whose booked appearances have prevented him from attending any games to this point, said he first saw that Michigan State had adopted his song two months ago via a Twitter feed.

It just goes to prove the age old wisdom that some football players may have the coin, but "they'll never have the Quan."


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