By Dan Treadway
December 20, 2013

via Nike via Nike

Death, taxes and new Oregon uniforms.

On Friday, Nike once again reminded us that there are only three certainties in life by announcing the release of these newly designed Oregon football uniforms. But these jerseys -- officially called the Nike Pro Combat Mach Speed uniform -- are particularly special as they contain features such as laser perforated mesh, heavy-duty stretch-woven panels and several other long-winded terms that look good on paper but probably have no meaningful impact on how good someone is at football.

They're set to debut on December 30 when Oregon faces Texas in the Alamo Bowl.

The uniforms apparently allow players to have a full range of arm motion, which is a big plus for football purposes.

via Nike via Nike

And if the Oregon players feel like wearing no shoulder pads but keeping their helmets on for some reason, they'll look something like this.

via Nike via Nike

You can check out more photos of the new uniforms here.

I'm sure Oregon's star running back De'Anthony Thomas will appreciate the new get-ups as he appears to be a fashion maven of sorts.

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