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Texas Dad Explains Making 4-Year-Old Run alongside SUV in "Football Training Video"

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Internet indignation ran rampant last week as a video spread of a man making his son run alongside his SUV as he called out phrases like, "This is how we train for football: Daddy drives and you run."

Now the dad has shot back at his critics, explaining that his son was made to run alongside the car briefly as a lesson about not fastening his seatbelt, and the parts about football were said in jest.

Clay is an only child and a little spoiled – so his mom was amazed by the comments.

"Clay is not in any danger, he's not hurting; we don't abuse him or anything like that," Samantha Yates, his mother, said.

Even more disturbing than the original video, though, is the people who apparently called Yates after the video came out to offer sincere commendation.