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Mike Smith's 'Butt Goal' Will Surely Go Down in Infamy

Let it be known that Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith really did have a great game on Monday night against the Buffalo Sabres -- he allowed only one goal in regulation while making 27 saves.

It wasn't until overtime that fate struck and Smith became victim of what may very well be referred to as "The Butt Goal" from this day forward (we're unsure if Mark Sanchez feels bad or enjoys the company).

With 1:14 left in overtime, Sabres defenseman Mark Pysyk leveled a shot at net which Smith lost sight of. The puck apparently became lodged in the back of Smith's equipment and then was transported over the goal line by the confused goalie, who had no idea he was escorting the Sabres to an overtime victory.

Although referees generally blow the whistle to stop play when the puck is not visible, the NHL released an official ruling on why this particular goal counted:

At 3:47 of overtime in the Coyotes/Sabres game, video review supported the referee's call on the ice that Mark Pysyk's shot deflected into the air and landed in goaltender Mike Smith's equipment and, while attempting to make the save, Smith's momentum propelled him and the puck completely across the goal line. Good goal Buffalo.

It's an unfortunate break, but props go out to Smith for giving Pro Hockey Talk's Joe Yerdon perhaps one of the best quotes of the year when speaking about the incident:

But because it is the holidays, let's all recall happier times for the Coyotes goalie: