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The Simpsons Help Us Pinpoint the Second the Cardinals Playoff Hopes Ripped in Half

Following their unlikely defeat of the Seattle Seahawks on road, the Cardinals playoff hopes remained alive but slim. The lowly Falcons defeating the 49ers on Monday Night Football would have certainly helped matters for Arizona -- and that very unlikely result almost came to fruition. Almost.

With less than two minutes left in the game and the Falcons 11 yards away from scoring the go-ahead touchdown, Matt Ryan's pass to Harry Douglas was bobbled before being snatched away by Navarro Bowman, who would return the intercepted pass for a touchdown.

There really is no better way to encapsulate that emotions of Cardinals fans than the clip above, which was doctored from the classic Simpsons episode "I Love Lisa."

Props to Youtube user brtdud7 for seeing the opening here and just running with it.

The Cardinals playoff hopes still remain alive, but just barely. They'll need to defeat the 49ers at home and hope that the Buccaneers can upset the Saints on the road. Essentially, the attitude of Cardinals fans heading into Week 17 can likely be best encapsulated by another Simpsons clip: