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Rams Seek Tax Refund for Overcharged Tickets, Can't Reimburse Victimized Fans

Michael Thomas/Getty Images

New Orleans Saints v St Louis Rams

Although they did have a couple frisky upsets, this has (again ...) not been a particularly great season on the field for the St. Louis Rams. They've turned 3-6 into 7-8, but haven't ever been in legitimate playoff contention. As such, this isn't exactly the best time for them to claim that they are entitled to a tax refund from the state because, well, they overcharged their fans. As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

Rams attorneys have filed a tax appeal with the state alleging the team collected a few dimes too many per ticket. They’re asking for a refund of about $400,000 — despite the fact that the team can’t return the money to ticket buyers. In addition, the Rams have asked the state to forgive $445,000 more in unpaid taxes.

The discrepancy apparently originates from a sales tax miscalculation that cost fans about 40 cents extra on a $100 ticket -- so it's not exactly anything egregious on an individual level. However, it does come across as petty bean-counting when an organization that reportedly has $239 million per year in revenue seeks to recall somewhat significant sums of money from the taxpayer due to a clerical error that victimized many of those same people.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch