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NBA 2K14 Is Still Experiencing Major Technical Issues

NBA 2k13 - Lebron James

The holidays haven't exactly been kind to NBA 2K14. Just after Christmas, users began reporting crashes and network outages on every major console platform. 2K Sports, the game's publisher, quickly acknowledged the issues. But ironing out the wrinkles has obviously been difficult.

The problem is centered on the title's online modes. Even though an Internet connection isn't necessarily required to play the game, it does have several online-only components. Typically those modes would simply be inaccessible when the game can't connect to 2K's servers, but a server-side bug has been refusing player connections and causing the game to crash.

So far, 2K Sports has pushed two server-side updates, and NBA 2K14 has become playable again. However, players are still reporting crashes, visual glitches, and data loss. "We are still seeing reports that MyTeam and Team Up aren't working 100 percent of the time but the rest is fixed," said a 2K Sports representative. "Dev is aware of the issue and working to correct it ASAP."

NBA 2k13 - Dunk

Ronnie Singh, 2K's community manager, was quick to apologize for the problem. "Sorry again for the frustrations this weekend," Singh tweeted, "obviously that was an unforeseen circumstance."

Most of the problems have already been fixed, but the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are still experiencing a "temperamental" network connection. Hopefully 2K can get track down the issue. Holiday vacations don't last forever, and I'd like to avoid my family for the remainder of 2013. So, I desperately need NBA 2K14.