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Steelers Fan Starts Celebrating Team's Playoff Berth Just a Tad Too Early

Ah, the overzealous fan. It's an entire genre of comedy unto itself. This weekend we inducted another person into the esteemed ranks of fans who really should have waited until the final whistle to start celebrating.

Above we have a Steelers fan who began reveling in the team's return to the playoffs as Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop prepared to launch a kick that, if made, would have defeated the Chargers and secured Pittsburgh's post-season spot. Ah, but alas, Succop's was no good (although the NFL later admitted that he should have been given another shot at it due to an uncalled penalty on the play) and our previously delighted protagonist was rightfully berated by all. The Chiefs would lose the game in overtime, securing what was a very unfortunate day for this meticulously dressed fan.

And the real shame is that this guy just barely missed out on our fan behavior list for 2013.