By Ryan Glasspiegel
January 03, 2014

Will's Northwoods Inn

Back in August when we were covering the best sports bars in America, Chicago establishment Will's Northwoods Inn made the cut as an honorable mention. Known as the preeminent location in the city to catch Badgers and Packers games, it's also not a place where you want to try to pass off funny money.

During the showing of Wednesday's Capital One Bowl between Wisconsin and South Carolina, a customer tried to buy a drink with a $20 bill that felt a bit off to the bartender. After the patron claimed he got the counterfeit note as change from the grill outside, bar manager Kevin Kruse became suspicious -- he checked the till, found that no 50's or 100's had been used, and called the police.

"The counterfeit money was actually pretty good," Kruse tells Extra Mustard. "I'd bet you 95% of people wouldn't have even recognized it. The bartender noticed that the paper just felt a little bit different, and if you really looked at it you could see that the serial number was a little bit blurry and there was no hologram when you held it up to the light."

Five or six cops came into the bar to take the offender and the three others at his table outside bar for questioning. You'd think this would cause a huge scene in the middle of a large crowd, but the whole thing actually happened pretty matter-of-factly.

"It was the calmest arrest I've ever seen in my life," Kruse says. "There was no expression on any of their faces. The police went up to the guys, and right away one of them admitted to also having weed in his pocket."

Per Chicago DNA Info, a subsequent search of the man's vehicle also yielded white powder believed to be cocaine, a shotgun, and an assault rifle. The primary offender, who claimed residency in Wisconsin, was a previously-convicted felon and will be charged with felony offenses in conjunction with this incident.


Chicago DNA Info

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