By Dan Treadway
January 03, 2014

Via Getty Images Via Getty Images

Suffice to say, there are a few Alabama fans who are less than pleased about their team losing two games in a row.

Enough so, that at least one of them took it upon themselves to create a website with a domain name that might cause most college football fans to do a double-take:

Interestingly, it appears that the domain was registered on August 8, 2013, when Saban was coming off of a national championship and had arguably the best job security of any coach (or really anybody) in the entire country. But somebody was just waiting for things to go sour, and when they did in the form of a 109 yard touchdown return, the website began making the rounds among message boards.

And sure enough, last night as Alabama -- who went into the Sugar Bowl a 17-point favorite -- was torched by a well-prepared Oklahoma team, emerged once again.

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