Goalie for U.S. Women's Olympic Hockey Team to Wear Mask Painted with Real Gold

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via ingoalmag.com

via ingoalmag.com

Jessie Vetter, a four-time gold medalist in minor national tournaments, won silver in her only Olympic appearance as the USA's top goalie in 2010. In fact, America hasn't won gold in Olympic women's hockey since 1998, the year the sport joined the tournament. But all that hasn't stopped Vetter from getting a little cocky with her Sochi equipment:

Created by artist Ron Slater of Slater Lettering and Graphics, Vetter’s new Vaughn Custom Pro’s Choice mask features the new USA Olympic logo with real 23 karat gold leaf embossing.

The new mask also features the Olympic rings on the chin, the Statue of Liberty on the forehead, and a fierce looking bald eagle screaming along the right side.

Geez, the only thing missing is Seth Jones.


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