By Andy Gray
January 06, 2014

Signs of the Week

Each Monday in P.M. Hot Clicks, we look at the best fan signs of the past week.

Worst Day Ever

The Southern Illinois basketball team was forced to sleep on the floor of a church after its bus got submerged in snow during the four-hour ride home to campus in Carbondale. Earlier that night, the Salukis lost by 18 to Illinois State, dropping their record to 4-11.

Best Night Ever

Johnny Manziel partied at a Los Angeles nightclub last night and reportedly left with two women including former Lovely Lady of the Day Lauren Hanley. 

Lovely Lady Round-Up

I can't believe I've been doing Hot Clicks for two months and haven't featured Hannah Davis. Let me change that ... Kayla Fitzgerald is making me a Florida State fan ... Jessica Barton is making me an Auburn fan ... I'm so conflicted about tonight's game I'm going to skip it and watch A.J. Lee on Raw instead.

Labatt (Red, White and) Blue

Labatt Breweries, Canada’s largest beer brewer, will be selling four different special edition Team USA cans designed after past Olympic hockey uniforms.

One Way To Waste $4 Million

According to ad research firm Communicus, eighty percent of Super Bowl ads don't sell anything. In a related story, the average 30-second Super Bowl commercial costs about $4 million.

The Funny Side of Wade Phillips

Wade Phillips may have gotten the cold shoulder from the Texans, who chose Bill O'Brien to be their new head coach instead of Phillips. But that didn't stop the fine folks at the Texans Stadium Suite Sales Department from trying to get him to renew his suite for 2014.

Odds and Ends

Rihanna has herself a little crush on Eagles linebacker Mychael Kendricks ... LeBron James had some fun with a submachine gun ... It didn't take Louisville players long to trash ex-coach Charlie Strong ... Bryce Harper wants a UFC title belt and intends to hit a batting practice home run while wearing it ... Here's a fun Monday list: 33 celebrities who have killed people.

Biz Nasty Brawls

Bluguin has the week's best hockey fights including this memorable bout between Jay Rosehill and Paul "Biz Nasty" Bissonnette.

Seinfeld Video Of The Day

Jerry Seinfeld took questions on Reddit today and here's what he said about Kramer's "look away, I'm hideous" scene.

"I can still remember how brutally funny that was to me. The thing about the show is that you have to realize that I had to look into the faces of those people, six inches away, so if you think Kramer is funny on TV, imagine his real face six inches from your nose, how funny that is. You can't imagine. It's impossible not to laugh. So I would."

Remembering Howie Long on 90210

Today is Howie Long's birthday, which is a good excuse to post this video of his (kinda) memorable appearance on Beverly Hills, 90210.

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