By Ryan Glasspiegel
January 07, 2014
BCS National Championship - Florida State v Auburn Harry How/Getty Images

As you may have heard by now, Florida State defeated Auburn 34-31 in an outstanding BCS National Championship Game last night. Because final results determine everything, Jimbo Fisher is a good coach and Jameis Winston is a good quarterback. However, in order to come back, the Seminoles had to fall behind 21-3. And it was when the team was down that the luminaries on Florida State's Rivals message board observed that Fisher's contract extension was calamitous, wondered if they were even worse than Notre Dame, and even accused the refs of getting paid off:




The lone voice of reason assuring his fellow devotees that they'd "be fine once Winston calms down" must feel pretty good about his prognostication this morning.

[Screengrabs sent by @yapperapp]

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