By Sam Page
January 07, 2014

(Getty Images) (Getty Images)

If you've ever tried to buy Super Bowl tickets as an average fan, you know the painful, expensive experience it can be. Well now someone fights for you, financially irresponsible football obsessive: Meet Josh Finkelman of New Brunswick:

Josh Finkelman of New Brunswick has filed a class action lawsuit in federal court alleging the NFL and its member teams violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act by splitting the estimated 80,000 tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII between the league, its 32 teams and the two host teams.

Only 1 percent of the tickets are made available to the general public through a national lottery, according to the claim. The league’s policy forces fans to the secondary market, where they pay substantially more than face value.

Apparently Finkelman paid $4,000 bucks for two tickets for the upcoming big game at the Meadowlands, motivating his lawsuit. Maybe he just saw that he had paid $800 over eBay and wanted to recoup the losses.



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